Large Project Split?

Hi, I have a large project with 17 songs (1hr in length), 12 channels and recorded at 96k 24bit. I am looking to separate all of the songs into their own Project however I can not find any way of doing this without bouncing ALL of the recorded information into the new project folders.

Can anyone help at all? I am running C5.5.3

I have tried backing up the files but similar story, any help would be great.

One way would be to cut the files at the correct places, Convert To Real Copy all the files after the first and cut and Copy/Paste to another opened project.

Another way would be to Save As Template after cutting, open the template, remove un-wanted events and Save As - Song Title. Always keep the Template so you have all the files. I’d make a copy of the project folder first to make sure I had a backup.

If there are no effects on the tracks (I’m assuming you want to edit the different parts differently) you could set the locators to the different sections and Batch Export.