large projects & saving time

dear all,

i’ve been recording a live-show in the last days (several rehearsals, two complete concerts). 56 channels @ 48kHz, total time around 15 hours of music in a (for the moment) single project.
no edits at all.
with the macbook i’ve been using on location, nuendo took around 15 minutes to save the project in his last version; on a brand new trashcan in the studio, around 12 minutes. external usb3-drives in all cases, showing a very low activity during the recording-process.

the recording itself worked perfectly, not a single problem - but i struggled quite a bit at those extreme long saving times…
automatic transient detection was off all the time.
i’ve been experiencing this kind of behaviour with very editing-intensive-projects too, but was, until now, under the impression that sessions with no edits at all would not suffer from that…

any advice?


Turn off the transient detection! I bet that is what causes the slow saves.
After you have turned it off in the prefs, select all audio files and remove all transient detection data. I can’t remember it’s correct “title” at the moment, I think it’s in the edit or audio menu.

Just to get the picture:
is it 56 ch with a lenght of 15 hours of each channel?
That makes … 840 hours of audio data? In one project?
Saving to/from USB? In 24 bits or 32 bits (not important) ?

Dear, oh dear, … me not wondering …lol …
Big K :open_mouth:

I had problems with long save times, but its now cleared up. I think it had something to do with opening projects or templates that originated in N5.5.

I regularly do LONG large track count recordings. The sheer number of tracks and length of audio files shouldn’t significantly affect save times, not to the point where it takes a minute or more to save - you’re not re-writing the audio every time. It also wasn’t a problem in N5.5 - It was def a N6 bug when it was happening to me, though I never absolutely found the cause.