large selections

Say I compose 30 bars of music with various meter changes, and then decide that I like that rhythmic phrase structure and want to repeat it, but I want to vary the pitches completely in the second iteration. (Some people do compose this way. :wink: )

I figure I’ll copy and paste what I just wrote into the subsequent 30 bars, thus preserving the rhythms and also allowing me to change all the notes or whatever else.

In Write mode, I can zoom way out in galley view to a microscopic view of those 30 bars and select everything with the marquee tool (even on a large monitor this is a bit straining on the eyes and I risk missing a note on a ledger line along the way), and then hit R.

Hmm. What if my selection had been even larger? This can’t be the best approach.

So I decide to stick to a reasonable magnification. I select the first note in bar 1, scroll out 30 bars, hit Shift and select the last note… but none of the meter changes are selected, so I have to go back and add them, tediously, with the command key.

Third time will be a charm, I’m sure, if anyone can kindly explain how to do this sensibly. I’m prepared to be embarrassed by how easy this really is.

Have you tried using the system track?

Thanks for the solution (and for making me blush).

You can also use Shift+click to extend a selection: select the first note you want to copy, then scroll to the last note you want to copy, hold Shift and click to extend the selection there.

Daniel, thanks but shift-click doesn’t include the meter changes, so the system track is the way to go.

That is absolutely true, yes.