Large time signature bug

I’m enjoying working in Dorico 4 so far. I am having trouble with large time signatures, though. I tried switching to large TS, but didn’t love the result, so I changed back to the default. After I did that, some of the large time signatures remained. If I select them and delete them, the small TS is also deleted. If I select the large one and hide it, the small ones also are hidden. The one thing that seemed to make some of them go away was getting rid of some bracketing changes. This does kind of feel like a bug since the behavior doesn’t appear to be consistent or predictable. Please see the image attached to get an idea of what these look like. Any idea of how to fix theses? Thanks your your help!

Have you tried deleting the time signature and putting it in again?

Can you cut down the project to just a few bars that show the problem, and then attach it here?