large time signature placement

It seems large time signatures can only be placed relative to a group (it would be nice if they could instead be anchored to specific individual staves, is this perhaps planned?). I don’t really want the bottom instruments as a group (or at least not with a bracket). Is there a way to hide just this one bracket (except the sub-bracket for the piano) and still keep the time signature where it is? Or any other approach to achieve this?

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Good news is that you no longer have to associate groups and brackets — in Dorico Pro>Engrave mode, you can change the bracketing as you wish. Could that help ?

I know that I can adjust the brackets independently (and have done so in Engrave), but the large time signatures are still related to the brackets, and if I, for instance, only make a bracket for the piano, it will show the correct time signature, but reduced to cover only the 2 piano staves.
The answer to this problem would probably be to be able to hide a bracket from showing (while still showing the latrge TS), or hide a (smallish) TS on individual staves.
Doesn’t seem possible, or …?

There is certainly not total flexibility over where the time signatures should appear at present, and I don’t rule out changes in this area in future. For the time being you’ll need to make the best of the options provided; in particular you might find the option to treat all instruments between brass and strings as a single family, so that e.g. percussion, harps, pianos etc. will all share a common time signature. That option is found on the Time Signatures page of Engraving Options.