Large Time Signatures and Pick Up Bars?

Hello! I’ve come across an issue that I can’t seem to find the answer to. When using a pick up bar, my large time signatures revert to becoming individual time signatures for each staff. Do any of you know if this normal behavior for Dorico and/or normal Hollywood notational practice? Ms. Gould also seems to be silent on the matter. Thank you for any insight any of you might have on this.

f you use local time signatures, then Dorico won’t display large time signatures any longer. Have you possibly managed to create a local (i.e. one staff only) time signature somewhere along the line?

Yes Daniel!

That was the issue. Thank you. I’m working with a file that I created with imported XML from Finale, and somehow, I had picked up a separate time signature on the Flute II part in all its 196 measures. When I turned on the signposts, I saw them for the first time (they were hidden). Using the system track I was able to select and delete them. I am so very grateful for your help and for this very wonderful program.