Large Vsti projects and MR816 crashes

Hello all again,

I have a couple of questions if you might want to help me out here, to understand this better.
This crash happens whenever you are using the REV-X Plug-in in a project in conjunction with any other big Vsti, such as: The East West plug-ins VE-Pro - Omnisphere etc…?
Or you have not even loaded the REV-X Plug-in and still it crashes?

Second scenario, You have East West Plugi-ins and other DSP-VSTs such as: UAD 1, UAD 2, RME DSP- Plug ins
Unfortunately I do not have all this plug-ins on my system and therefore I can not make the tests.
All your help will be much appreciated.

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Hi, first of all, thanks for picking up this thread.

In my experience, I never use the rev-x, is the mr extension that causes the problem, because it only crashes the first attempt at loading the large project. Also if I remove the mr´s .dll from the original folders, I get no crashes.

I have problems with Eastwest Play, and also with Eastwest Spaces (reverb), when I load REVerence from cubase in the same project, I loads ok. Also, I don´t have problems with Omnisphere.

I don´t have any UAD cards nor VEpro.

Thanks very much!

I have exactly the same issue. It doesn’t have to be a very large project either my default strings template will crash on first opening and thats not using a huge amount of my 24 gig s of ram. I now open these projects with a different ASIO driver then switch back to the MR once it’s opened.

this along with the BFD2 x64 issue are he two main headaches I have with an otherwise perfect system.


This has now shown to be causing the same problem with the UR range of interfaces as well, do we need to start hastling EW about this or are Steinberg sorting this out?


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EastWest has to fixed their overflow memory problem that is for sure, and also Yamaha Japan have just started to do some test with the Plug-in to see if it can be fixed, on a future update from our side.
But it has to be done from both sides.

Thank you for all the information it was most valuable.

As I mentioned in the UR forum area, I have the same problem with both the UR824 and the UR28M. It’s good to hear that the issue is known and being worked on.

Is this just a windows issue or does it affect any OSX users too?

I’m in contact with an EW rep at the moment and this was his first question.


That is exactly what is also happening to me. If I don’t remove mr dlls and try to open a large project (for example 4-5 GB with PLAY instruments), it crashes. But I can open the same project with another ASIO driver or as I said I have to remove mr dlls. But this time I can not use MR816 features any more…

Please solve this as quickly as you can with East West. And thank you very much for bringing this very important issue to daylight!

I’ve asked the EW support guy over at Gearslutz to look in to this again.


Hello all,

I have a small update; Yamaha has not finished with the test on PC, once they do they will move to the Mac, for the moment I have only seen customers suffering from this on PC, as soon as we have more information we will inform you ASAP.
Also the UR issue is also under investigation.


Thanks for the update! I hope this can be solved soon.

Any news?

Doh! I just put in an order for a UR824 and one of my primary VSTi is EastWest Symphonic Orchestra… I hope I don’t run into this problem.

I know that EastWest currently have a new version of Play in beta at the moment. It was supposed to be out already, but the beta testers must have encountered some issues.

This is a major upgrade we’ve been working on for more than a year. > We replaced some third party components that were problematic on some systems> , improved the streaming engine, improved overall performance and efficiency, added a mixer page, added background loading, added more advanced instrument properties, and some other improvements.

Seems promising.

I tried out my UR824 with my biggest EastWest projects and haven’t encountered any issues so far. Everything is working as intended.

I don’t think you will have any problems with EWQLSO Gold alone. It’s way too small. The problems start when Play uses more than about 3 GB of memory.

Are there any improvements so far?


Will cubase 7 have a fix for this problem?

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As it already has been mentioned, this is not a Cubase problem, but a Memory overflow problem caused by EastWest plug-ins, it should get fixed with the new Play player.

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are we still waiting a solution from East West?