Larger jog wheel

Is it just me or do you find the AI (jog wheel) knob to be too small? I would love to have something of a larger diameter with a dimple for your finger so you can quickly move through the project. This almost seems so obvious that I’m wondering if I’m missing something.

I believe this knob is easily replaceable with just what I’m talking about if I can find something readily available. Anyone know of something? For example the jog wheel on my Roland VG99…

I know this is not to do with wether or not i can find you a jog wheel but do i have to use the cubase AI4 or AI5 if i purchase the cc121 or can i still use my Cubase 5 and plug my monitors through the cc121. sorry i dont know who else to ask ive tried everywhere and im new to recording interfaces so all help is greatly appreciated.

I use the CC121 with Cubase 5. You don’t need to use an AI version at all. The CC121 connects to your computer via USB. I has nothing to do with your monitors. Just a control surface.


I actually bought a large jogwheel like you describe but the shaft on the cc121 pot is too short so the bottom of the wheel rests on the 121 surface and scrapes when turned.If it was even 5mm longer it would be fine.
Maybe just a problem with the wheel I bought.