Larks Flew South

This was recorded about 3 years ago with Cubase Artist 8. The guitars and bass are played “live, the old fashioned way”. The synths and drums are all Halion and Groove Agent.
The basic idea for the song came from the staccato strings, which absolutely reminded me of Larks Tongues in Aspic Part 1 by King Crimson. Somehow, we got from there to the tropics (maybe all the way to Brazil!). You’ll eventually hear the Larks on their migration, should you stick to this long enough.
Needless to say, the guitars don’t take on any overt Fripperies, but I had fun imagining that I was playing a nylon string acoustic and dirty wah-wahed electric in the “engine room” with Jaime Muir and Bill Bruford. I’ve an abiding bass love for 1970’s John Wetton, but I didn’t go anywhere close to him with the bass part.
All in all, it’s a bit of a hodge podge, and you’ll hear the Larks flying into turbulence before their tentative landfall in a tree by the beach in the tropics.
Music should certainly be fun on lots of levels, and you’ll sense that I had some of that on this track.
Thanks for listening, and for any ideas or comments.

The larks are already here in Brazil! :smiley:
Nice composition work, but I felt an overall lack of energy in the track, maybe something you can solve with a maximization plugin on the main bus, maybe it’s just my ears used to rock.

Hi Swetch, I’m a big fan of King Crimson, so you are definitely hitting a sweet point with me. I am getting the beach image.