LArsen with my Steinberg UR22 mkII

Hi everyone,
When I use my sound card with software like GUITAR RIG or BIAS FX, without my guitar plug, I have a whistle or a feedback. It worked for a while, but since then, you can not play guitar sounds with effects. I do not know if my sound card is out of order or if my asio drivers are misconfigured.
Here you can see a preview in Bias FX:

Here you can hear a clean sound of my guitar without effects in guitar Rig 5:
And here you can hear a crapy sound in guitar rig :
And finally, here you can hear a larsen when I open Bias Fx without plug my guitar
If you have any idea or solution, I’ll be very gratefull
Thank you for reading my message and excuse my bad english. :confused:

Problem resolved, don’t check the “Enable loopback” option in the Asio config ! And now it works perfectfly.