last 3 bars are squeezed into 1/3 of page

I set by pages to use 4 bars each.
My last page has 3 bars and is squeezed into one third of the left side of the A3 page.
I an in ENGRAVE mode and see a green bar behind the final bar. It seems to be the barrier which I can’t move.
I even added another bar to see if Dorico is resizing everything but no luck.
Any ideas?

On the Note Spacing page of Layout Options, switch off ‘Only justify final system in flow when more than n% full’.

thanks a lot.
D2 is so amazing complex.
I am finished with my score - all in all I love it. Especially all the shortcuts and that they are controllable via MIDI commands.
It’s really cool to use it with the iPad and TOUCH OSC.
Thanks for your patience Daniel.