Last bar in pieces starting with a pickup

I would like to match the final bar to the first bar starting with a pickup. Is there a way to trim the flow? For example in 3/4, starting with one quarter note pickup i would like the last bar to contain two beats only. Hiding the existing rest will leave to much space between the last note and the barline. Any solutions?

Thanks, Ingmar

Simply insert a barline, either by typing Shift+B and then e.g. | for a single barline, or using the Bars and Barlines panel on the right-hand side in Write mode, at the rhythmic position where you want the flow to end, then use Write > Trim Flow.

I tried your solution, Daniel, and that works perfectly when there’s a note at the end. My situation is that the last bar contains no music (but it needs to be there for the next verse to start at the right place), and Dorico’s reaction to the insert-barline-method then, is to just put a whole bar rest there. How do I get this right?

You should be able to force the issue by inserting explicit rests, as follows:

  1. Show the caret at the start of the last bar.
  2. Hit O to engage Force Durations, and hit , to engage rest mode.
  3. Choose the duration of the rests you want, presumably quarter notes.
  4. Press one of the note name keys, e.g. A, twice, to input two explicit rests.

You should find that when you trim the flow thereafter, the flow ends immediately after those two rests.