Last Cubase Version I Buy

After my fourth crash of 13 today - after maint update 13.0.20, Cubase Pro 13 is definitely the last major version I buy - I had great hopes for Steinberg after the Yamaha acquisition, but enough is enough Cubase 13 is an eyesore and that eyesore is ridiculously unnecessary with Steinberg year after year and version after version ignoring requests for Audio Connections & External Plugin revamps - no, let’s revamp the UI that doesn’t need any changes.
Nice one.

I will be voting with my wallet from now on; Customer lost.

It’s been a war of attrition and each new major release tends to break something or bring a bunch of added on drivel that no one asked for, while 3 monkeying what tons of folks keep asking for year after year… Not sure who is driving the product at Steinberg but they need to listen to their customer base and hire a solid UX director.

Hugely disappointing.

Probably go back to my stable Cubase 10.5 version that is ringfenced from internet - not going to Reaper or Studio Live etc, but 10.5 was the last great Cubase IMO, super solid.


Thank you for sharing.

I’m sure you’ll be missed…

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Really a shame to read.
As much as Cubase 13 has been a myriad of frustrations I must admit that it’s the first time it’s felt like a DAW that can compete over the next 10 years. This is version 2.0 at best with 12 being the first.
And even with all of this it remains the most versatile Audio/midi all in one.
I have to admit I don’t think the Yamaha acquisition has helped.
Look at how synth v Has blown Vocaloid out of the water and how much head start they had with that.
What I do count on is the passion of the Steinberg team regardless.
For all intents and purposes they are basically a UI, few bug fixes, stability fixes and some small innovations: regards to modulation and Audio clip workflow away from perfection. At least it will be the closest thing to perfection I’ve ever seen.

Being someone who came from the “others” nothing really comes close to be honest. And cubase 13 whilst taking some time to get used to has really shown me the promise of what it can be moving forward.
Change can be hard. Give yourself the time to work through those frustrations and you might turn up something special.

I don’t think I can go that far. I will hold back on C12 for the time being. Nothing wrong, with staying back a version or two. I know studio’s that stay on an old version of Pro Tools. because it gets the job done. I feel the same way about C12. It gets the job done.

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I won’t go that far either. I still have many uses for C12. C13 is a big disappointment, I will probably skip it (I skipped C11), but I remain open minded about C14 or C15. In the meantime my armoury consists of C12 Artist, REAPER 7, and Dorico 5.0. I use them all. I am looking forward to Dorico 5.1!


NB - i’m probably part of the problem as I said this back around Cubase 8/9 when MCU integration was borked for ages and took till 9.5 to fully sort it out.

But getting older and have less time these days to work around this kind of stuff, and yesterday was really frustrating thinking that the maint release would ease some of my 13 release issues.

I was probably being a bit unfair to C Pro 12 as it is pretty solid for me now.

Going to stay on 12 for now and keep an eye on the forum to see how thing progress over the next few months.


Hopefully, Steinberg/Yamaha are now aware that C13 falls a long way short of a world-leading product, and that there is a lot of competition out there, and will surprise us (in a good way) in C14 or C15. Gotta say I really expected Yamaha and Steinberg to deliver something special. Reminds me of when I learnt that Santa was a fictional construct!


Upon each major release it’s the same exact thing – same posts, complaints, generalizations.

People who have the self-awareness to understand how tolerant they are of problems arising using new software can correctly decide if they want to be among the early adopters. There is zero cost to try the trial.

Those who have discipline to stay on a previous version while the bugs are worked out always have a better experience in general, and spend more time making art than hitting their heads against the wall.

Just a reflection on the repetitiveness of this process in the forums.

Yamaha bought Steinberg in 2004. This is rant without reason.


Hi @brittleheadritchie

sorry to hear about your bad experience with Cubase 13. Could you send me all your DMP/IPS files generated by C13 in a PM so that we can see what hides in there? Thank you very much