Last little guitar request that would put it over the top for me...

Dear team,

In the above case for guitar, could you please implement a setting in which the fingering would not appear as separate numbers, but as a bracket with a number on top to indicate two neighboring notes played with the same left-hand finger?
The appearance of the left part of the new square note brackets would be ideal for this…

Other than that, Dorico 3.1 is fantastic!!! :wink:

Many thanks,

Aaaah, the old Smoke On The Water eh?

Dorico can do that for notes played by the thumb, but it doesn’t currently do it for other fingers. I’ll make a note of it, though.

Hey Benji,

Would it work with just one note fingered and a vertical bracket from the new lines function? That’s how I would expect it to be notated. As you have indicated 3rd position there is also an implied fingering for notes in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th frets.

Incidentally, you could notate the d and a flats with 3 and then use lines to go back to the c and g without restating the fingering…

Hey Sadhaka!

I tried the vertical line, but it’s too wide for my taste…
More like this:

What I imagine ist to type “3,3” in the popover, and the bracket with a single 3 appears. Configurably, of course… :wink:

Yes, there is implied fingering for sure, but this is for students, they need more pointers… :wink:

And as for the Db and Ab, I’d actually love for the “Slide-In” property to generate lines even without a set fingering, which would accomplish your idea!

Thx and all the best,