Last time you DOWNGRADED

Went from Reason 4 to Reason 3. Then went from Reason 5 to Reason 3. It’s a happier place is v3 :sunglasses:

Stands to Reason :confused:

Dont think I’ve ever downgraded, eh… well cars yes :laughing:

i really can understand this :slight_smile:

I think I went back to SX3 for awhile, can’t recall why, might have been Direct-X compatibility

I’ve never downgraded… but I just downsized my studio (from 56 channels to 32), got rid of a lot of the old analog stuff and recabled everything. The whole procedure took about 4 weeks until I was up and running again.

I downgraded my DAW.

From Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 PRO

I was thinking all the ‘extra’ features of Ultimate are basically never used, potentially extra things to disable and wasted on a DAW.

My second wife but I then upgraded with my third,current and last.

With Cubase? Never!
I have owed every version since 2.5 (except SX1) and I still
have all the original EVERYTHING! and I mean EVERYTHING!
And it is starting to take up room. The C4 box is HUGE!


I can’t remember the last time I downgraded. But I make up for it for the time it takes for me to upgrade. :slight_smile: I wait until all the reviews are out.