Last update: Doric freezes and an icloud question


I have Dorico Lifetime… Right now when I try to open a dropdown menu, for example in note properties, Dorico freezes all the time. Someone else happens ? any solution? (I have ipad 9th generation).

I have noticed Dorico’s temporary solution regarding icloud, but, how can I move file from “On my Ipad” to “Icloud drive”?.



Hi Alexander and welcome to the forum!

This might help:

If not, you might have to upload a demo project for someone to have a look at.

Thanks Daniel , I see the problem is the same. I hope Dorico Solve this soon, it’s hard to work with this issue.

My second cuestión, do you know how can I move a file from “my iPad “ to “iCloud Drive “ thanks

Assuming the Dorico folder appears in iCloud Drive in the Files app on your device, you can do it using the Files app. However, if the Dorico folder doesn’t currently appear in Files on your device, for the time being this is not possible to do. We are in touch with Apple about the issue of the Dorico folder in iCloud Drive not appearing on many users’ iPads and are hopeful that they will have some additional guidance for us soon.

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Thanks so much for the info, Daniel.

I will be waiting for the future update. Especially the drop-menu issue.

Thanks !