lastest update

whats the latest update for cubase pro 10. i have 10.0.50 . is this the latest update.

Depends, what OS ?

I’m running windows 7 pro. does that make a difference ?

Sometimes it does make a difference (as in the case with Cubase 10.5 there are different software version for different OS). This info should added to your forum signature.

Here is the link to the latest for CB 10 software. As of this date CB Pro 10.0.50 is it.

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Not to be nagging or anything, but it if you keep updated on Cubase as you clearly do, you should really consider upgrading to Windows 10. Microsoft has officially ended support last 14.01.2020. So that means your OS will already not receive anymore updates. And Steinberg is also not mentioning Windows 7 on it’s system requirements anymore for 10.5.

So if you can I’d suggest you invest in that? Otherwise I’m afraid you’re really on your own at some point soon?

So…I just installed windows 10 onto my laptop yesterday. Not a free upgrade, I removed Windows 7 and started from scratch with a full version of windows 10. I have everything backed up to an external hard drive but now I have to re-install everything. I have been using Cubase 8 Elements. I should be able to reinstall it without any verification problems right?