Latch on sustain for MIDI ARP insert?

Hey guys,

I’m having trouble figuring out how to do this in Cubase… in other daws when I add an ARP midi insert the sustain pedal let’s me play a chord and latch on to the chord… in Cubase it just acts like the sustain pedal and doesn’t latch the chord. Is there a way to make it so I can play a chord and have it latch without holding or recording it in? (hopefully that makes sense :sweat_smile:)

Is this a specific product or which arp are you using in Cubase?

The stock Arpache SX

somehow… some instruments that have an included ARP section can latch the notes with sustain but when I try to use Arpache with others that don’t have included ARPs they don’t work

Both stock arpeggiators in Cubase don’t have a latch mode. Neither Arpache SX nor Arpache 5. Feel free to tag this thread as a feature request.

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It is OK for me with chords+arpage SX+Sustain

the notes are latched until sustain return to 0

Yeah the point was to be able to do this live without having to record it in or hold the chord manually… if not you get a pause while you’re changing chords live