Latch Prime in Stop

Is there a way to do what Pro Tools “Latch Prime in Stop” preference does where you can move a parameter (in particular on a surface) and have only those parameters be in latch mode when you press play? That way especially for fader levels you are able to go back 5 seconds and get several things to the level you want them to start writing at. Super helpful in large sessions.

Unless I am crazy, that is what preview in latch mode does?
Hit preview and then the controls you want to have primed. Now they are primed and in preview until you pinchnusing any of the chosen modes.

Or is that feature doing something else in PT?

Thank you for your reply, the closest thing is “Punch on Play” (which Pro Tools doesn’t have). I’d like to just run the macro to Transport - Nudge -1 Bar and Stop and then prime faders and play. Instead, I have to run macro to Nudge -1 Bar, Stop, go into Preview mode, then move faders (in order to activate Punch on Play) and then activate “Punch on Play.” Hopefully, the extra steps can be trimmed down someway I am overlooking. I am thankful that it can at least sort of be done even though it is much more cumbersome in Nuendo.

What does that really mean?
When you trigger the command on PT it backs up 5s primes any channels (how) and then does what?
I am sorry but I have not used PT for quite some time so I can’t see what you want to achieve and how it would be quicker than a basic macro in Nuendo?

Edit: I looked at a YT video… ok so advantage is that in pt it can happen without actually hitting a button, but otoh you do have to know if the preference is on or off. I really don’t see its usefulness however?
In stop you really have no idea of what you are doing. Changing parameters without listening is a really weird workflow imo.

But as you already found out you can achieve the same in Nuendo but yes you will have to issue a command or macro to do it. You can even almost achieve the same method if you really like it by locking the preview button.
And you don’t have to choose to only be able to check/change the settings in stop mode as you can of course preview how the settings sounds before you decide how or when to punch in/out.

I always leave this on so it is not a question for me if it is on and the automation icon turns red as soon as you touch a parameter on a control surface when in latch so you would know it is on just it doing that in stop if you did want to turn that off.

For me it is usually a sound effect or instrument(s) come in on a large session that I wasn’t quite ready for and I know it needs to go down say 6dB or so. If I didn’t quite nail it then I just roll it again.

That is very helpful I didn’t realize you could lock the Preview button. With that tweak it sounds like I will live in Preview mode unlike I would in Pro Tools. The modification I will make is a play macro command that enables “Punch on Play.” I am relieved that has a key command!

Yep, no different than PT in this regard (but you might not have been inferring that) unless I am missing something.

Thank you very much for your help in this and getting me rolling! I am trying to replace Pro Tools for a major project with some editors, directors, and producers and working out all the kinks before I embarrass myself.