Latch Record Mode Option in the Preferences

Need an option in preferences to Enable or Disable Latch Record mode.

Like all other DAWs, Pro Tools and Ableton etc.

Too much work to have to create a macro to do this, and it doesn’t fully work right.

With Latch record ON - cubase functions normally
With Latch record OFF - you can only record enable one audio/midi track at once, unless you use a modifier key or select multiple tracks at once and record enable them.

Thank you!! This would be awesome!

What is Latch Record mode?

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I guess Enable Record for Selected MIDI/Audio Track is “on” in the preferences and @djlitchicken wants to turn it off? Or the opposite?

I don’t understand the question.
It already works in Latch mode.

I imagine so. Turning off and forcing the use of the Record Enable command (default: R ) might be the solution.

Maybe other DAWs use this (wrong) nomenclature?