"Latch" rewind on transport?

I seem to accidentally hit some key command at some point and it enables a “latch” function for rewind which drives me nuts. Normally I press a dedicated key and it will rw/ff only while the key is pressed and when I let go it resumes either stop or playback.

I guess I should know this but what is this magical setting? Where can I find it and disable it? I’ve searched and found nothing. Almost looks like a bug.

Hi Mattias, could it be Preferences / Transport / Stop Playback while Winding?


I don’t think that’s it. I have no key command bound to that function and it is always ‘ticked’ / selected.

Strange. I don’t know of any other possibility. To get the behaviour you describe in your first post I think you’d need to disable that preference.

When that preference is de-activated playback continues after ff and rw operations (latched).
When that preference is activated playback stops after ff and rw operations (not latched).

hi Mattias, are you using any kind of hardware controller that could have introduced the glitch, as opposed to it being a Nuendo derived issue? I had this happen with my Avid Dock once…

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Yes, I have an Avid s1 with a tablet. That seems like a possibility.

I have to take some time to troubleshoot the next time this happens, but it’s been very weird. Last time it would latch in one direction only and not the other !

Only other thing I can think of would be if my keyboard is somehow broken, which is possible.

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Do you keep opened the DOP window?. Transport doesn’t run too smooth when it’s activated and also “select clip under the cursor”. So every dop applied is re-drawn in the dop window causing slugghish scroll.

I always close DOP after using it, for the reasons you mention. “select under cursor” is always off.

I suppose testing with prefs disabled might be worth a minute…

The problem is that it’s intermittent. I might not come across it for three days and then I do.

It’s a bug. I’ve had this happen to me multiple times over the years and Steinberg was/is aware of it. I’m not sure of what the fix is or if it was ever fixed.