Late and possibly stupid questions about SAM and updates

I’m on WL Pro 11.1 on Windows 10 22H2 19045.2251 and haven’t updated because I’m afraid of online licensers.

At some point, I installed SAM (version and can log in to my account. I only see a Cubase 12 trial in SAM or the SAM section of my Steinberg account. WL only shows up in the eLicenser section of my Steinberg account.

I was kind of waiting for the bugs to get worked out, but now I’m wondering if the WL 11 Pro license is ever just going to show up in SAM or if I have to install it first and hope for the best or something…how/if that transfer is going to happen, and whether I can run 11.1.20 alongside 11.1 because I have this weird feeling it’s going to cause problems just like almost every other phone home licenser I’ve ever used.

Yes, I know this is late, I did that on purpose.

If you haven’t done so already … log in to your My Steinberg account (web … not SAM).

Go to Vouchers in the left hand menu. There, you should see ‘Upgrade to WaveLab Pro 11.1 with Steinberg Licensing’ … and a Redeem Button.

Once redeemed you are on your way.

Good luck!

I do not believe it is possible to run 11.1.2 alongside 11.1 but I know that earlier versions, such as 9.5, can still be run with the dongle.

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Okay…well, that was actually painless, especially compared to, say, Waves. Thank you.

I’m sure that was in documentation somewhere. Sadly, I couldn’t find it.

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