Late Midi, depending on what kind of sound. very odd!

Hi Everyone

I am experiencing a very strange (and frustrating!) internal midi delay issue. When using a vsti-i, certain sounds trigger and render late. For example, my current project has an instance of BFD. The kick drum renders perfectly on time. The ride cymbal is always late. I have tried adjusting all kinds of parameters (asio guard, buffer size, latency correction) but I cannot fix it.

Has anyone experienced this kind of thing before? The other odd thing is when I trigger the ride in real time using my keyboard, it sounds exactly on. The delay when playing back is so out I thought the guitars must have been out of time, but it was actually BFD triggering out of time. I have also experienced this with Battery. Why some sounds render correctly and some are late I do not know.

If anyone can help, I’d be really grateful… this is driving me mad…