Latency and crackling

I recorded some tracks on Cubasis on ipad( audio and midi). Played tracks back numerous times and everything was fine. Tried to play tracks recently and there was crackling and some latency issues. I disabled fx to see if that would help, but it did not. I’m running at 44/24 and 32 note polyphony. Not sure what’s wrong. Could use some advice.

Wich version of ipad?


Ipad 2

you could try to set the latency to 512 and you should always have enough free space on your device.I would say at least 1-2 GB.Cubasis sets the latency automatically to 256 but you could just fire up another app before you launch cubasis.I.e you can start audiobus before and set the latency to 512 there.Or you can start Nlog which sets the latency to 512 automatically on iPad2.Start cubasis then and shut down the other app.Now cubasis is set to 512.

Thanks Crabman. I’ll try that.

A lot of people are having with this problem with iOS 7. It’s such a hog. Seems like a crackling before the CPU even has 100% though. I actually just purchased the new retina Mini because my iPad 3 couldn’t keep up anymore… I’m not very confident that Apple’s going to do much about it. Retina Mini is tanking it like a champ though

I’m having a very similar issue. I’ll see if the Audiobus/Other app suggestion above works…