latency and noise problem

Hi, Can anyone help. I am completely new to this equipment and I am fairly limited in computer system knowledge.
When I connect my guitar to cubase (through a tascam us366 audio interface connected via usb) and try to record an audio track There is a quite high degree of latency that I cannot seem to cure and when I do record some guitar ther are crackling noises on the track that seem to get worse every time it is replayed. It is not from “clipping”
vst tracks like drums seem to work fine.
Help please!

I don’t know your Tascam unit, but maybe first things first. If you are experiencing high latency, and in view of the fact that you say you are new to this, the first thing to check if you haven’t already is that you are using the correct driver for your sound box. This is found under Devices/Device Setup/VST Audio System. In the ASIO driver drop-down, check that you are using the dedicated ASIO driver for your Tascam. From what you describe it could be this simple.

Beyond that, it might be a good idea to describe your problem with more detail, and list your system specs in your profile. Good luck.