Latency apparent when opening some older sessions after 11.0.20 update for Cubase Pro

I’m having an issue trying to identify the problem that is causing latency in some of my sessions. All of the settings appear to be the same on sessions that work properly and sessions that are affected. Certain sessions will let me add instruments without latency and other older sessions have a noticeable amount of latency when I want to add instruments to the project. It goes like this:

  1. Open session created prior to update .
  2. Add an instrument track
  3. Press to play instrument and notice latency.
  4. Record to see how it picks up
  5. latency is reflected in recording even worse than originally heard when just playing.

I have no idea why this is happening on some older sessions and not on other older sessions. The project setups seem to be the same on the affected and proper functioning sessions. This does not happen when creating new sessions and starting from scratch. It only occurs when opening a session that was saved previous to me updating Cubase. If anyone has experience solving this issue your response is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I am running Cubase 11 Pro on a 2019 Intel MacBook Pro using Catalina version 10.15.3

Is “constrain delay compensation” turned on by accident?

No. It was not turned on by accident. But thankfully you mentioned it and I used that to solve my issue for adding new tracks to those projects. It seems that some of plugins were causing the latency now for some reason. This certainly wasn’t happening before but using the constrain delay turned off certain plugins while I recorded the newer parts and allowed for a much better real time playing experience. That works satisfactory for me so I’ll go ahead and mark this issue as solved. Thank you for helping me solve my issue!