Latency between audio and visual

I don’t know how to shift this from the C11 forum to here, so here’s a link.

It’s annoying. Not a problem in RX or Wavelab.

I haven’t noticed anything yet, though when I use Spectralayers 7 in ARA mode in Reaper, I never use SL for playback, only Reaper.

I only use SL for playback when SL is functioning as an external editor. No sync problems that I can notice.

Don’t know that it’s entirely fair to compare SL to RX in this case. RX doesn’t support ARA mode.

Yeah. I just tried it as an ‘extension’ within Cubase 11 and there is no issue: timing is fine. So it seems my problem is just with the standalone.

That’s odd that your problem is the opposite of mine. In the standalone version everything lines up perfectly for me. Anyhow, I was the one who originally posted this issue and I found a solution that works for me. Here’s what I said in the other forum -

If I click on the Constrain Delay Compensation button it shuts down the heaviest plugins and it makes the timing almost perfect. Then if I lower my buffer to 256 or less, it’s pretty much bang on. I went ahead and bought the Elements version because it seemed like a useful upgrade to be able to use the erasing tool and noise reduction functions.

Just to be clear, the version of SL I’m referring to in my OP is SL7 Pro, not the basic version of SL included with Cubase 11.

i’m definitely having an issue with the audio and graphic not being in sync using the pro version in nuendo 11. system latency is at 256. how do people edit anything if what they are hearing and what they are seeing are not in sync?

David, I mentioned above that for me hitting the constrain delay button in Cubase (which deactivates the highest latency plugins) solved the issue for me. At least it made things extremely close. Putting the buffer size to 256 made it essentially perfect. It would be nice if they fixed things so that I didn’t have to use the constrain delay button, but at least I can do detailed work.

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This solved the issue for me aswell. I wonder if SL9 will behave in a similar way.

I have a sync problem with SL8 Pro as well. Seems pretty ridiculous since it happens in simple playback mode, and doesn’t happen with any of my other audio apps, regardless.