Latency between display and Audio

Using 9.51 Artist with UR22 mkII and a decent PC (quad core 4GB RAM nothing else open, processor very low on playback, dedicated NVIDIA GTX750 video card) but i keep on getting latency on playback netween the audio and the display. Audio performance screen shows very low (10-20%) average peak load, real tiume peak load low as well… disk shows nothing at all…
Any ideas?

I have the same issue, specs below.

I’m no expert, and I haven’t tested it out, but I get the vague impression that the lag is related to my audio buffer size - the large the buffer, the greater the lag. Maybe that’s something you might want to check out.

Also … 4GB RAM is a little smaller than I’m used to seeing … I wonder if that might be playing into this also …

Thanks for the tip. 4GB should be more than enough for 2 audio tracks at 44K 16bit with no plugins…
IN any case it is not the computer… i recently upgraded from cubase LE4 and had no problems mixing 16 tracks with a lot of waves plugins…
LE4 works fine… so must be Artist. I use 512 samples… let me try with 64

64 doesnt cut it either… this must have to do with Cubase …


Latest driver on Nvidia monitor?

I’ve heard that NVidia can cause some nasty issues (though I don’t recall hearing about this one). Would you have another card you could swap in temporarily?

Yes latest driver Card runs Games perfectly in 1080p @ 60fps so its not the card as I say LE4 works fine

Ok, sorry, I’m out of ideas, hopefully someone smarter comes along.

You could also always try submitting a tech support request ticket via my Steinberg, some folks have reported good turnaround times.

Also the sound on sound forum ( ) and the GS forum ( or ) have knowledgeable posters as well.

Good luck … :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help anyway! :- )