Latency, Buffer Size Issue Ryzen Threadripper

Hey guys so I have a bit of a problem with my latency and buffer size and real time performance.

Firstly my hardware is a Windows 10 64 bit, up to date, latest drivers on everything double checked em.
Cubase 10
CPU - Ryzen Theradripper 1950X overclocked to 4.0 Ghz
Ram - 32 Gigs 3000 mhz
4 SSD’s - WIndows is on SSD1, Cubase on SSD2, Samples on SSD3, VST instrument installations on SSD4
My audio interface is a Presonus 1810c and it has three inputs pluged in 2 x Guitars and 1 Mic, which are not constantly enabled in Cubase for inputs.

My problem is that with a buffer size of 1024 I can at most have 24 vst instruments give or take with 8 EQ effects total before I start hearing clipz and hiccups. I make mostly orchestral, trailer music and I think that 24 instances is a little bit too low for this big of a buffer size.
I ran latency mon for 20 mintes and it showed no problems and perfect results. I tried disabling certain devices, functions but had no results including Wifi, Ethernet connection, plugged in devices, etc. but nothing helped. I want to get to at least 512 buffer size with 30 vst instruments without hiccups and I know it is possible but I have no idea where to look and what to fix anymore. So I hope to get some assistance.
Please do tell me if you need me to post more information or test results etc.
My CPU has never gone beyound 10-15% usage during play nor when I play and try to record something through MIDI or the inputs.


Test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please.