Latency C12pro

Hello I upgraded 11 to Cubase 12pro about 4 months ago and I have been have lots of latency problems.

There was never an issue when I was using Cubase 11pro.

Please kindly advise me on how to get rid of the latency.

Latency while doing what, exactly?

You provide absolutely no details, so it is impossible to “kindly advise” you.

I am getting latency when I press any key on the keyboard, timing is not matching with the Cubase vsti there is a slight delay. It was all working fine in 11 version trhis has only started to happen since upgrading to 12, I have tried every type of setting options in studio setup but nothing is working I have screen shots to explain Cubase & my sound card RME UCX and I have checked the sound card settings buffer size 512 & 1024 as well but nothing is sorting out this problem. In Pic # 4 when I push orange button then it’s work some time good but my all FX is off, please help.




If you enable “Constrain Delay Compensation” (the “orange” button) and the latency is gone, that usually means that you have a plugin somewhere in the signal path that has a high latency. You say that you have all FX off, but have you checked e.g. the ControlRoom if you have plugins there? If you have say a room correction plugin like Sonarworks inserted, that can introduce high latency (especially when in LinearPhase mode).
Btw: IF you mean by “FX off” that you just bypassed them in the mixer, that is not enough, they are still fully in the signal path, including latency. You have to disable them with alt-click. Or use the “Constrain delay compensation”, which was made for exactly that scenario , temporarily disabling plugins that have a high latency (configurable in the Settings somewhere, how many milliseconds of lateny you are willing to tolerate).