Latency compensation for external hardware sidechain gate (not insert)?

A friend just gave me a hardware Drawmer 201 gate. I am trying to send a VST Instrument Kick to my main output and also a direct out to the sidechain of the Drawmer. I then have a VST instrument bass synth that I’m sending out to the drawmer (also as a direct out) and then back in to cubase. But there is a lot of latency.

is there a way to set this up so that the latency is being compensated? I don’t think this would be considered an external FX because I am not wanting to set the Drawmer up as an insert. Any tips or links to what I’m trying to achieve? Thanks!

Latency on what ?
The audio you are sending to the Drawmer, the sidechain ducking, or both.
I would set it up as external fx, eliminating the audio latency.
Duplicate the kick track and send it to the sidechain, adjust the Track delay on that track until it fits musically.

The latency in the audio that is returning back to Cubase from the gate. So that it lines up correctly with the other playing tracks.