Latency, CPU management etc

Hi Forum

Can you assist with some technical advice please. I want to make sure my pc is running as effectivally and efficiantly as possible and was wondering if others her can share advice.

I’m running Windows 7 Home premium at 64bit. My processor is an Intel Pentium Duel CPU E2220 @ 2.40Ghz. I have 3GB of RAM and 300GB harddrive capacity. I used no other programmes on this PC but do have internet connection and Norton installed. I have heard some say get rid of the Norton, others say the opposit. I’m never connected to the internet when recording/mixing in any case.

My DAW is Cubase 6 Artist with a Steinberg CI2+ interface. Because I’m not very confident installing things I’m not running a contoller at present although I do have an Alesis QX49 which I would like to run at some stage if I can wrk it out.

Currently, according to my Devices set-up, I am running AISO buffers at 512 samples (I changed that from the next one up) but my imput latency is still 16.7744msec and output is 20.469msec. This appears way too high although I’m not noticing any great delay in the cans although I did when I used on-board guitar effects.

Any suggestions, information, advice would be greatly appreciated.


Something that you can do pretty easily is to reduce the latency when you record to around 5ms. Of course, with the lower latency, you may have to turn off all the extra effects, and even disable unneeded tracks to save ASIO and CPU usage. This way, when you record, you are recording almost in real time or at least close enough that you don’t notice the delay while playing. Then, when all the recording is done, you can switch the latency back to 15-20 ms (or 200ms for that matter!) and turn on all the effects and additional tracks.
Those latencies you mentioned seem a little high. Confirm you are using the latest ASIO drivers for the CI2+ and NOT the default “Generic low latency driver” or “Direct X …???”

Yes, I’m definately using the correct drivers, I have also installled latest update from Steinberg.


Just FYI, anti-virus software often have “real-time” checking and this can be very costly for application with lots of file I/O (frequent read/write access to files).

If you are running Windows, you can download Microsoft Security Essentials and uninstall Norton if it is known to bog your computer. I have Security Essentials since I connect and update my computers, hosts and plug-ins, and I have never had any problems with it. On the other hand I have never used Norton, so I do not know anything about it.