Latency Cubase pro 12.0.52

I noticed recently that I have a big latency when playing virtual instruments on my midi keyboard. Don’t know when it started because I have only been mixing songs lately.
The midi itself is right on time when I look at the metering on the transport bar. When I look to the audio metering next to it I can hear and also see the delay.
It does not matter if I set buffersize to the lowest value (5ms) or to the highest value.
This is tested in an empty project with just one simple virtual vst3 instrument.
When I load an instrument stand alone the response is perfect.
Only in cubase I’ve a latency which is as a keyboard player very annoying.
Any thoughts?

Got any inserts active in the control room?

Yes but I found the problem.
I had delay compensation turned off.
Now there’s no latency anymore.

I thought that was supposed to reduce latency. But maybe it acts differently on blank projects I mean, what was it actually compensating for?

I’ve accidentally left latency compensation on before and it really confused me for a while. I couldn’t open inserts. Man…

Sorry I meant it was off (I edited previous post) which gave latency.
Orange color means it’s on.
Chris Selim made a video about it

Weird. Plugin delay compensation doesn’t need to be turned on for an empty project… unless, say, you have a plug-in enabled in your control room or on your input that adds a ton of latency.

You got me thinking and I checked it again,
I noticed when turned on some plugins in my control room could not be opened and one of them was Fabfilter pro-q3 and it was in linear phase mode :roll_eyes:, so when I changed that to zero latency I could turn off delay compensation and even then there was no latency.
So you helped me sort this one out. Thanks I learned a lot today. :grinning:


Hi there,

You can check exactly what your latency is for each channel, if you navigate the following:

  1. Press F3

  2. Click on ‘Set up Windows Layout’

  1. Checkmark ‘Channel Latency’


Now just above the channel faders, there’s the exact latency value for every channel shown. No more guessing.

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yes I know, but that is not possible for control room inserts I believe.

But then you only need to remember which plugins add latency, so you don’t use them in the control room.

The plugins that use a lot of latency will be disabled when using the delay compensation button, so then you know.