Latency/Delay Issues

Hi everyone,
I know people have asked questions about this kind of thing for years, but I haven’t been able to find anything to fix my issue. I’m a beginner so there could be something super basic that I’m missing. The issue is that there’s always delay on my VST’s–whether I’m using a controller or jut the keyboard on my computer. I’m using Cubase Artist 10.5 and running Windows 10. When I use the controller, it’s just plugged in through USB. I’ve tried fiddling around with different settings but nothing has changed the issue. I don’t have any external plugins running through the app. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this problem? The delay is in the sound as I’m playing, and in the recording as I listen afterwards. It seems to be a delay in the notes actually processing, from how the signal looks.

latency problems could be so many many many things. To have any chance of getting help you need to state your system: windows/mac soundcard hardware etc