Latency during recording with Noteperformer

After the update to Dorico 4.3 I have big latency during real time recording with Noteperformer. No latency playing without recording. If I use other instruments (keyscape) everything is fine…can you help me?
Macbook M1, Monterey and latest Noteperformer silicon beta

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I’ve noticed some latency when I choose a staff and then exit it (so I can hear MIDI thru), and in 4.3 there is a slight delay in the notes sounding when I try some notes out before entering them.

Yes, I detect the same issue. I wonder whether it could be specific to the Apple Silicon version of NotePerformer. I will contact Arne Wallander and ask him if he knows wha might be going on.

Arne has replied at lightning speed and says that he believes he knows what is causing this problem, and we should have more information early next week.

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Thank you Daniel!

I’m on Windows 10.

I don’t think your problem, whatever it is, is the same as the one described by @ariastudio, @Derrek. If you’re experiencing latency, you probably need to adjust the buffer size settings in the Device Setup dialog.

Hi Daniel, any news from Arne? Thank you!

Yes, Arne issued a fix for this almost right away. Please go to the NotePerformer web site and request a new download, then install the newly-downloaded version.