Latency/General Issues

Running Cubase 6, M-Audio Fasttrack Pro.

System running W7, Intel i5-2500 Processor, 32-bit OS, 4GB Ram.

Currently experiencing following Latency readings:

With 512 samples buffer: Input = 81.270ms, Output = 11.610ms
With 1024 samples buffer: Input = 162.540ms, Output = 22.472ms

512 on the buffer also gives the usual snap, crackle and pop factor.

All of which is kind of unusable, for a multitude of reasons. (It’s not so much latency as a full-on delay)

ASIO DirectX Full Duplex driver selected.

Now also getting pitch/time playback issues, as though sample rates are set wrong (while not).

Short of throwing the whole lot out of the window, any suggestions of how to fix this would be much appreciated.


Yes, change the driver. ASIO DirectX full duplex bollox is completely worthless and you should never use it for reasons you have already found out. Download the official ASIO driver from M-Audio for your fasttrack, or download ASIO4all which will probably work as well.

edit: sorry, I see I didn’t put that down very politely. I hope you get the point :smiley:

Nothing compared to how I’ve been talking/shouting at my set-up all evening :wink:

Thanks for the advice, looking up drivers now, will let you know if it works…

Very happy to report that it’s problem solved. Computer safe from ejection-from-property-via-window.

Thanks very much for that. Didn’t really consider the ASIO DirectX to be a potential cause until I typed it. DirectX… reminds me of shoddy plug-ins from the SX era of Cubase…

Have a good weekend!

No problem, have a good weekend yourself :slight_smile: