Latency Improvement

How can I improve the latency?

Are these settings the best?
Is there a better interface?

did you go into your soundcards system settings and experiment with buffers?

my latency is better - so I would definitely recommend RME for stable low latency drivers

and I could go lower if I need to.

That probably the default the interface started at. I know the focusrite can go lower as my friend uses one. Open the focusrite control panel and lower buffers (it may be worded different) until you get good playback without clicks and pops or stuttering.

I change the buffer on mine to 64 or 128 just to record.

Then I change it back to 2048 for mixing once I’ve finished recording.

The lower the latency the more it stresses the CPU and the less tracks and plugins can be have in a project. If you have a super powerful computer you might not care either way of course :-).

Nothing wrong with Focusrite - you just need to adjust your buffer size on the Focusrite Control Panel - the lower the buffer size the lower the latency. Trial and error will give you the right answer. I’m on a buufer size of 48 and get these latency values on my Focusrite: