Latency in Audio-Cubase Artist 11

I know this should be obvious, but I only record every few/several months, and just got a new computer so my setup may not be right. Have had this happen before, don’t remember what fixed it. Windows 10, Using Komplete 6 interface, which has worked fine. Here’s the problem:

Audio is delayed (slapback length of time) when recording audio or sometimes vsts. Not an echo. Tried with Monitoring on and off, samples is down to 92. What I’ve noticed over the years is that some projects have this issue, some don’t. Tried in one project and audio and vst are delayed. Just switched to a recent project and the audio still slapsback, but the vst piano didn’t. Keyboard is in local off, only Midi out cable. Nothing changed on the keyboard between the switch.


I need to write down what you guys tell me that fixes it, so I can do it next time.

I may have fixed it. I had TRacks Mastermatch in my Stereo Out channel which I’m guessing adds latency. Turned it off. Seems to be working.

Hope that helps anybody else out.

That was our mantra all the time, check your master bus.
And don’t use FFT or FIR tools during recording.