Latency in recording to the click

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Is the following latency expected?

Click is recorded via mic from phones. When the track is listened over the same click, latency is clearly heard. It’s like a flam.

iPad mini 5th gen
iOS 14.4
Cubase LE3 v3.2.1
single ch, no effect
Direct mon

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That’s physics… you sending sound somewhere (headphones) and record the same sound with a microphone… this takes time…

Hello St10ss,

Absolutely. But now we have higher speed convertors, higher bus speeds, faster clocks to overcome latency challenge.

I see that that I misexpressed question. I was trying to ask if the latency is expected in such a set up? I cannot quantify it, I assume my latency should be around 40-50ms. Is that something expected in this set up?


It is real easy to read latency of the click, just record it then print a click track directly (I guess somewhat different scenarios in different daws but they all have it since forever) and you will see how far off the recorded signal is. I do this quife often to measure latency in home theater DSP:)

What is your buffer setting?