Latency is Unacceptable - 9.5

I’ve used Cubase since SX, and ever since 7 I’ve had awful latency. Used to monitor live drums when recording with no problems. In fact, used Cubase as a live drum monitor for a band that opened for Wyclef among others. For whatever reason, the latency is now beyond awful using the same 10 year old plugins. Thought the constrain delay adjustments in 9.5 would help. They don’t. I have a very fast computer and an RME Raydat running at 32 samples without issue. Even when I eliminate AISO guard and set the constrain delay to at .2 ms (basically only to allow the channel strips to work), the drums are noticeably behind. Way more latency than I should be experiencing at this buffer satting. I see I am not alone in this based on searches here. Does not appear to be an answer. Why is it that Steinberg cannot pull its head out and solve this problem? Looks like I’m going to have to sell 9.5 and move to a competing product. I apologize if I sound frustrated; it’s because I am.

See your double post

This is not a general Cubase problem, no problems with low latency here over various manufacturers’ interfaces.

If you want some suggestions from this forum I’d suggest you supply more information about your system.

no problems here either…10 year old plugins? i assume they are 32bit? perhaps added latency introduced by a bridge plug? or possibly a old computer and/or your interface drivers? without more information on your system/interface its hard to make suggestions.

O suppose you are referring to a VST drum module, try disabling ASIO guard for the plugin with high latency in the plugin manager? Or play with the ASIO Guard settings to see if it improves