Latency issue with many DEACTIVATED tracks?

I have a template with over 1000 deactivated tracks. I’ve noticed though that whenever I add or activate one instrument, there is a slight but noticeable delay when I play notes. I imagine this has to do with the other tracks, even though they are deactivated, but there may be another culprit?

What do you guys think? Have you experienced something similar?

i have the same type of setup. 1000+ deactivated tracks to start with.
No issues here with delays on specific tracks.
It’s a windows machine.

But when activating/deactivating i do not have a slight but huge break on the signal, so i can’t activate deactivate while running the sequencer.

I see you are using a very heavy type of equipment. Maybe you are just experiencing the limits of what it is capable of, and other people are not able to come even close to what you are experiencing ?

kind regards,