Latency issue!

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I hope someone can help.

I often use a midi track to trigger my hardware synths and record them back into an audio track. When I do this I activate the monitor button. I noticed earlier that there was a slight delay in the monitored signal. I generally haven’t had this issue although on a template that I made a while ago for some reason one of the audio tracks seemed to suffer from this but not the other tracks.
I decided to make a nice new template including all the routing I like with lots of audio tracks in place, it was pretty much done, I was testing it as I went along and all was good. Then I dropped in Ozone Elements onto the post fader master stereo out track and hey presto the monitoring in the audio track developed slight noticeable latency. So I thought oh it’s that, so I removed Ozone thinking it would sort it but it didn’t, the latency persisted! Anyone come across this issue, a third party plugin creating a latency issue but when removed the latency remains?

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You can show the latency of every single channel in the MixConsole. Then you can see, which plug-in generates the biggest latency.

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That doesn’t seem to show up the problem.
If I have two audio tracks, record in a small segment on one, then drag it over to the other audio track(which is set up as a duplicate of the original track same settings, plugins, routing etc) Play the track with the audio signal coming in on the monitored first track and play the Recorded segment at the same time you can hear they are out of sync slightly. It seems the problem is some latency when the track input is being monitored. I am sure I didn’t used to have this problem. Very strange. See the picture of my latency, seems pretty low to me surely it shouldn’t be perceptible? IMG_20210321_185647_762|375x500

How did you remove the ozone plugin ?
Simply bypassing it, will not remove it’s latency.

Hi Paekae, I have tried both bypassing and removing.