Latency issues after windows updates

After recent updates for Windows 10 version 21H2 I am experiencing latency issues using my Audient iD22 sound card and Cubase 9. Before, I had no problems using an ASIO buffer size of 32 samples (input latency 2,222 ms) but now crackling happens even at 64 samples (2,948 ms). It’s gone at 128 samples (5,397 ms) but then the latency is too high for double-tracking. LatencyMon shows the Wdf01000.sys driver with a highest execution of 0,20 ms, followed by dxgkrnl.sys (0,14 ms) and nvlddmkm.sys (0,13 ms). I have tried reinstalling the Audient drivers. I have checked the windows power mode is still set to high performance. Has anyone experienced these same issues before and what can be the solution?