Latency issues with Access Virus synths in Cubase?

I had been planning to get either a Virus Desktop or a Virus Polar in the next few weeks, but I see a LOT of Virus owners say they routinely bounce or freeze their Virus tracks as a normal part of their workflow, whereas I consider those operations something you only do to free up CPU/improve performance.

I’ve also read that the Virus synths seem to work better with some DAWs than others (apparently there are/were some well-known issues with Ableton Live, for example).

So I’m curious- if you own a Virus synth, how well does it work with Cubase? Is there noticeable latency when tracking parts? This is my biggest concern; I generally don’t mouse parts in- I play them live. And I’m very sensitive to the latency between hitting the keys and hearing it in the headphones. On my current setup, I don’t feel any noticeable latency when playing VSTis with my keyboard controller, and there’s just a tiny but acceptable gap when playing external non-USB MIDI devices from the controller. I’ve never used a modern USB-based external synth.

I’m also curious whether there’s any sort of noticeable latency difference between controlling a TI Desktop from a MIDI controller versus playing the built-in keyboard of a Polar? I’m kind of leaning toward the Desktop since I only have room for one keyboard and I love my MPK49. But I’d get a Polar if I thought there would be a reasonable improvement in live performance.

I own a Virus Snow and Cubase 6.5. I can tell you that it was a nightmare to get them to work together. First of all get an account at, there you will get all the help you will need.

The big problem with Virus was “pops and crackles” during playback. The support recommended me to buy an external
USB - hub that was powered and supports USB 1.1 ( After that my Virus is stable.

The latency problems you talked about is not from Cubase, it comes down to which sound-card you have.
All DAWs have this problem, its NOT DAW related. I read threads from Logic, Cubase, Ableton that experienced this problems. I have an custombuild PC. I use a MIDI controller for the Virus because it doesn’t have a built-in keyboard.

Btw, there is a new operating system for the Virus (OS5) but i would not recommend you to install it since a lot of users experienced a lot of problem. Wait for the fix.