Latency issues with Cubase 7's Beat Designer

Is there any way to compensate for drum VST Latency when using the “Beat Designer” Insert? I tried adding the “MIDI Modifiers” insert with a negative delay setting, but it doesn’t work since Beat Designer’s output is apparently treated as real time midi info. I would have thought that adjusting VST latency would be a basic necessity for any DAW step sequencer… Shouldn’t everyone have this problem? It is infinitely harder to design and lock in the perfect beat feel without being able to hear the beat in time with the track!

I am extremely sensitive to even small amounts of latency when it comes to drums. I tinker endlessly with drum parts if the latency throws off my ear… Fixing this Beat Designer (or overall) VST latency issue could seriously speed up my workflow.


I am using a Steinberg UR824 interface.
My ASIO is set to 96k / 126 samples - audio input latency is 4ms and output latency is 5ms.

I recently began trying to use Cubase 7’s Beat Designer Insert with Steven Slate Drums SSD4 to quickly build basic drum parts for my new projects. I had been adjusting for VST Latency issues by simply using a negative setting on the midi track’s “Track Delay in Miliseconds”. That allows me to adjust for VST Latency on midi playback, but does nothing for latency while monitoring live playing. I monitored my live drum playing via a Roland TD-9 on the outside to avoid these aggravating computer latency hassles. Only Problem is I do not think like a drummer yet, so starting with the step sequencer helps me immensely…

Arch Frenemy