Latency issues

Ok this is an odd one.

Im running C6 on W7 64bit, with a saffire pro40. Im having some problems.

When im recording into cubase to ither a click track or midi drums (in this case battery 3) the recorded sound is before the beat always by the same ammount but it varies with my buffer size.

now im used to having things recorded late through latency but before, is a bit odd.

Im also having latency issues, I cant seem to get the buffer size below 512 samples. i know thats a fairly acceptible buffer at 96k, but what is concerning me is i get the usual clicking and distortion that you get the the asio buffer is clipping but my CPU is only at 24 % on all my cores.

Just as a reference i have exactly the same system at the studio but with a motu PCI 424 and 24IO and there is no problem.

Full system specs

Windows 7 64 bit.
Saffire Pro 40
AMD Phenom II X6 T1090 BE
8GB Crucial Ram
500GB SATA III Samsung HDD
Via Firewire Card,


Well, I see potentially one difference between your two computers and that’s the Asio Driver for either firewire device. Correct? I mean you can’t be running the same driver for both devices can you? The drivers could be the culprit.

But it sounds like you could swap devices to test this if you wanted to? Eh, then you would know.

You didn’t say what your processor is on either machine, did you? i5 or i7? Man, I would think not looking at your 512 sample rate. I run a Core2Q9550 with 4G of ram on XPSP3 using a Mackie 1640i firewire mixer and I can run at 48KHz/24 bit with 64 samples, although I haven’t tried 96KHz/24 bit.

So tell us what your processor is, that would help maybe, but also try swapping the devices and see if it is the drivers for the device.

…Oh, OK I see your processor there. Sorry, I’m not into AMD, where does this compare to an i5 or i7?

Kinda similar to a i7 950 so its not the problem methinks.

Im not really in a posistion to take the motu from the Studio PC as its all hooked up into the outboard and console. its something i REALLY cannot be bothered to do for a latency issue. and as I said. i spec’s the studio PC identical to my own bar i have the 6 core and the studios is quad.

Ive already been through the core parking procedure for windows 7. Just one point (please dont take this as a gribe its not) I am an advanced PC user and have used Cubase since sx 3 so i have had alot of practice with its little “pirks” but this is a new one on me.

The main thing thats bugging me is not the latency, i can live with 10ms (hell its only the same as staning a few meters away) its the fact that what i record needs moveing back onto the beat, thats its always EARLY, not late.

Thanks for the sugestions anyway. :slight_smile:

Well, OK. But if I have a 5 ms latency issue, then moving the newly recorded track BACK is what I have to do to make it line up. So in my Cubase track I put -5.00 in the time window and I am lined up.

So here maybe I am confused by what you are saying? Are you saying that you have to put a +5.00 in the time window to line up the tracks? This seems impossible. :confused:

Is it midi or audio or both thats early?

have you tried use system time stamp (for midi)?

Midi is recording absolutly fine. Its just the audio.

i admit its a very strange.

On that note Split, i could check the clock settings on the focusrite see if thats the issue. ill have a look tonigt when im home but i cant imagne it being that as i usually have the clock sync as internal, and i only hahve the one device, its not as though im using an ADAT with it.