hi everyone!

please help me (again). i have cubase 11 pro, it works like a charm, low latency and so on and so on. i have a new pc (8core-processor, 128gb ram) and i work on cubase for over 11 years now.
BUT… if i open one specific project where i have some wav-files for mixing and mastering and i want to open an additional vst instrument, i have about 20ms latency more for some reason.
but cubase recognizes the signal way before that. the latency does not make any sense.
is there some function that i dont know of? some way that i could have said cubase “hey, please wait 20ms after i pressed a note on the keyboard” by clicking something ??
thank you so much.

i solved it. it was the constrain delay compensation. for anyone having the same problem, watch the first 3 seconds of this Understanding Constrain Delay Compensation in CUBASE - YouTube

we have this “problem” twice a week