Latency, more specific kernel times

So I am curious if anyone can help me with a permanent fix for this:

I was struggling with cracks and pop in the playback on my new computer setup, even with asio guard active. now I was thinking of latency problems, but it seems it is a kernel problem.

I ran Latency Mon which shows some random spikes mainly caused by dxgkrnl.sys and storport.sys as. and even if Latency Mon mostly reported my system fit for handling real-time audio (as well as Cubase performance meter showed no unusual signs of struggle) my playback would struggle at 28 ms.

After a few 100 google searches I found someone that suggested a program called “TimerResolution”.

I then started DPC Latency Checker and that program reported back I had a value of 1000 latency and it was constant, every now and then it would spike to 1324. I then started this program “TimerResolution” and my latency number instantly dropped to 500 and it was constant.

I then closed down everything, started the TimerResolution program first and then started the DPC Latency Checker. It reported back latency values between 18 - 22 with an occasional spike at 500 once or twice every minute, just for a second, just to fall back to around 20 again.

So I open Cubase, I start the same project I couldn’t playback at 28 ms with a high buffer and asio guard. Now I could playback this project at 2ms latency without any asio guard. UNBELIEVABLE!!

So while I am very happy I can work on my new computer, the question is:

Does anybody here know how I can permanently fix this issue so I don’t have to start this app every time? All this little app says is that there is a Timer Resolution Range with max and minimum resolution, and it gives you the current resolution. When I start the app my current resolution is 1.000 milliseconds and when I press the maximum button the resolution drops to 0.499 milliseconds. Then my latency drops from 500 to just around 20.

Would love to get some input on this. My new computer specs are in the signature