Latency on Clasic Machines

I experience latency on the BD of LD and 9 classic Machines.
Other drums seems not to be affected.
The beat gets delayed and of course the song sounds strange.
Hitting the freeze fully onfirms the issue.
Workaround, and of course that shouldnt be, is to realign tha audio file to the grid.

Can somebody confirm? Or does that only happend to me?


Not happening in a new project.
But on the one where I remarked the issue te displacement is visible on each freeze

@LSlowak Any statemets?

Hi @Tim_Goehring

Happy New Year 2024!

I gave the issue a short check with the iPhone SE2 where things seem to work as expected (see attached video below).

Do you have more details how to reproduce the problem?


I used a MIDI file from nine and LD. In both I separated the BD resulting in 4 tracks. When i remarked the latency I switches off al effects for that channel to make sure that the cause is not coming from the effects.

On the next project it worked again like it should be.
I can only offer to share the project file. When you freeze them you see the latency. Just let me know where i should upload the file.


Hi @Tim_Goehring

So the issue appeared only in one specific 3rd party MIDI file but not in regular or other use? If so, it looks like it has to do with the MIDI file.

Please confirm, and in case the problem persists, please let us have a repro which uses the kit on a simple Cubasis track (regular Cubasis project).


Why 3rd party? We have, 2x classic machines & their Midi files in CUBASIS.
So if you ask me, all is from STEINBERG.
No 3rd party.
In that particular project, and I wouldnt call it simple but all is relative.
So, are you interested to find out why that happened?
I m sure that this already happened in the past.
But in the past I have not been able to find the issue.


Hi @Tim_Goehring

Thanks for your message.

So far we are unaware about any latency issues with the Classic Machines instruments.

But I think I’ve now got your point: You are using one of the Classic Machines MIDI files, correct?

Please note that some of these MIDI files were intentionally left unquantized to keep the humanized feel alive, which can be easily changed in two steps:

  • Select the event.
  • Tap the Q (quantize) button, suggested to be set at 1/16.

Hope that helps!


Dear Lars,
if the midi starts here and the frozen audio starts there it is certainly not due to a humanized or better said swing.
There is a significant delay between the midi and the frozen track.
Audio starts long time behind MiDi.
MiDi is OK.
Audio is not OK.
I hope that helps.


Hi @Tim_Goehring

Please let me have a video which shows the exact steps that lead to the issue (starting with launching the app).


How do I record the screen on an iPad pro?


Hi Tim,
If you drag the top right of your iPad screen down you will see the control centre, on my first photo I have circled the screen record button in red, tap it, it will count down from 3 before turning red then start recording, whilst it is counting down flick the control centre window up to move it out of the way and then start doing what you want to record, when finished, tap on the red record icon on top right of screen and it will stop recording.
Go into your Photos app, select your recording and preview it then tap Edit.
At the bottom of the screen you will see a left & right Trim arrow (circled in red in my second photo), drag these to your required start and end position, tap DONE/SAVE VIDEO (top right of screen).
All done :+1:

Thanks but for me it looks like that:

After I opened the project the freeze worked as it should.
But after a few moves instide the project it was again like that:

I can see by your first photo that you have not set up screen recording, just go into SETTINGS/CONTROL CENTRE and on the right you will see 2 lists, tap the green + tab next to Screen Recording on bottom list and this widget will appear in the control centre.
I have tried to replicate your latency problem on my iPad numerous times but there is no problem here? Hopefully Lars can help further.

It doesnt occur often and right now only in that project

Thanks, that worked. Is there a way to record directly the speakers output?
I mean w/o recording with the mic what the speakers play?


I have had rouge projects like that sometimes and nothing can be done to correct the issue-except by starting a new project.