Latency over compensation

Hi fellow Cubase Users. I recently noticed, that Cubase 12 pro (latest update an before) overcompensates the latency caused by plugins. When i have a plug-in inserted, that causes latency (for example ARC3 by IK-Multimedia) an record something, the recording gets shifted way before it is played. I can’t remember that I’ve changed any settings.

Of corse there’s a simple button that solves the problem an disables those plugins. But I think that wasn’t a problem before. Am I wrong? Any help is mich appreciated!


Where does the ARC3 sit?

Is it an Insert effect of the given Audio Track? Or do you use it on the Output channel or the Monitor Bus?

I use it on the Stereo Out. But its not only ARC, I think. And not only on the Stereo our. but I have to check that when I´m back in the studio.

Thanks for the reply.